Lobster Buoy Door Stop

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The solid posture of this hardwood door weight makes it perfectly suited for its job. Its hand tapered lobster buoy style will sit elegantly in any home, with a 15mm natural cotton rope handle.

Inspired by the Lobstermen of Maine USA: who's Puritan ancestors settled there in 1600 and learnt of the lobster from the Native Americans. In 1605, one of the crew members under Captain George Weymouth reported that they trapped about 30 great lobsters at night. The Lobster buoys were designed to aid navigation and safety in the misty waters off Maine. But also importantly as and as an identity system, every fishing boat has its own distinct colour and pattern which is clearly marked in a 4 inch strip of colour on the 12 inch buoy. Traditionally lobsterman would create perfectly shaped, painted and whimsical lobster buoys out ofblack cedar.

The tales of Maine's lobstermen and captain George Weymouth captured my attention and imagination as Weymouth UK is rather fittingly where our products are sourced and processed. A jocular coincidence that sparked an idea and created our own lovely hand carved Lobster buoy door stop.


  • Small - 13" Tall X 4" Wide X 4" Thick
  • Large - 15 1/2" Tall X 5" Wide X 5" Thick

Materials: Sustainably grown European oak and natural 3 strand cotton rope

Finish: A couple of coats of tough natural tung oil