The Makers

Hi its me again. So as i was saying, like you, I was designing and decorating around the house, trawling the internet, scrolling through social media and obsessing over Pinterest. Making my ideas come to life in my workshop was just a way to fill my home with timeless, versatile things that I couldn’t find in the shops. Things that were a bit special, unique, and just right for that room. Filling this creative obsession and writing my own path resulted in a home that was eventually bursting at the seams. This is when Goya Creative was born and with a nudge from family and friends, I tentatively put my cherished goods out on the line. Luckily it was well received and to this day I am still filled with gratitude every time a lovely person buys a one of my creations.

But let’s take you back to the summer of 2012…before Goya Creative, before I had my own home, let alone my own workshop. I was 18, and like every 18 year old, my whole life lay ahead of me. I didn’t have the foggiest about what I wanted to do with it. So obviously I hopped on a plane and went on a self-finding mission. This trip was the source a lifelong, free spirited, exploratory passion for travelling the world, embracing different ways of life and finding an appreciation for cultural and aesthetic designs. This appreciation for our world and its people also taught me, and fuelled my devotion to, my own self-care and wellbeing.

 The seeds were sown for Goya Creative.

I didn’t know what it was going to be but it was personal: everything I cared about, was passionate about and dreamt about, all in one place. I thought if I truly love what I’m doing or creating, then the rest would fall in place, surely?

To this day Goya Creative is all about having fun, following our true values, living our dreams and making the most of this beautiful world we live in. We embrace the unearthing of that untainted childlike sense of excitement, creativity and adventure.

We’re fully committed to leading our best lives and dragging as many people along with us.