The Materials

 We pride ourselves on using only the best quality premium materials. These are the foundations for establishing an authentic timeless product that can endure many lifetimes worth of use. This investment plays an important role in our pledge, ‘making products with longevity’ to counteract our throwaway society.
We are committed to intercepting climate change and protecting the environment we live in, which is why our products use materials that are recycled, renewable and biodegradable



We only select the very best slow grown, tight ring local hardwoods for our products. We salvage and reform forsaken wood from house clearances, storm damaged trees and dog ends from local companies. Once we have milled the lumber it is dried for a minimum of 12 months, to get the moisture content at 15%, just right for your home. 

Leather and Fabrics

All of our materials are sourced locally and selected with a  keen eye for the best Pima and Egyptian cottons and the strongest top grain leather. The material we obtain is thoroughly washed, dyed and waxed in house by hand to guarantee a quality final peice.


We use mild steel, stainless steel, brass and copper. All of our metals are recycled and selected for their strength and beautiful aged appearance. We beat, stamp and polish all our metals by hand to ensure the very best finish.


The slate we use on your Goya chopping boards is welsh slate, the finest, most characterful and most durable slate in the world. It has a product life of well over 100 years. Its combines very low liquid absolution and extreme temperature resistance with gentle contours and a luxurious warm feel to the hand. 


Our ceramics are produced and sourced along the south coast. 



We have a carefully selected range of finishes and process's specific to each products needs.

We apply a primary coat of linseed oil to all of our boards, which gives them a nice protective layer and gives them the best possible start in your home. Following that we suggest applying mineral oil on a regular basis. This does not polymerise so fills any dents or cuts. Mineral oil is non toxic, clear, odourless and doesn't support micro organisms, its so pure you can drink it. 

For exterior wooden products we use tung oil, which is an all natural drying oil made by pressing the seeds of Chinese tung trees. The nectar of the seeds coats our wood in an organic armour. Its deep penetrating and water resistant and has been used on boats for centuries.

Most of our wooden interior products receive a good old coat of bees wax. Produced right on our doorstep in Dorset. This bees wax emphasises the woods beautiful natural grain. It forms a rich, glossy patina that embellishes rather than distorts its natural beauty. It also leaves wood silky-smooth to the touch.

We also love using ancient finishes such as:

Our Thermo preserved finish that achieved by gently baking the product to make it resistant to water. An age-old method used by our ancestors to protect wood. Baking gives the wood its beautiful dark brown finish and a internal lasting durability - deterring dampness, mould & fungi

and our 

Shou Sugi Ban or Yakisufi finish. Which is an ancient Japanese exterior siding technique that preserves wood by charring it with fire. Traditionally, Sugi also called Japanese red cedar was used. The process involves charring the wood, cooling it, cleaning it, finishing in with natural oils.