Product Care and Repair

We are firm believers in making products that last for lifetimes and advocate your involvement in the process by loving your natural product. We hope you cherish and maintain your item that has been lovingly made from the best materials to withstand a lifetime of good use. If treated correctly, its natural charm and robustness will be preserved for many years. Find out how to look after your natural Goya products here. Please contact us to talk to us about your product, what you need and how to do it.

Kitchen product care

Our kitchen objects are finished with linseed oil and mineral oil. Both are natural finishes that restore and preserve the wood. We recommend that kitchen objects be re-finished with mineral oil when they start to get dull and look worn. All of our finishes are available for purchase from our Hardware Room. You should hand wash kitchen objects in hot water to clean them. Do not leave them standing in water.

Home product care

All of our other household wood objects are finished with natural bees wax or pure tung oil. Although they do not require refinishing, applying a fresh finish will brighten them up and make them look new. Purchase everything you need from our Hardware Room.

Garden product care

All of our garden products are finished with pure tung oil. This is a deep penetrating finish that will protect your garden product against normal use. We advise to re-coat your garden product yearly. Find our tung oil in our Hardware RoomWe advise that you bring your garden product inside during the winter so it's not exposed to harsh condition which cause staining, warping and cracking. 

Child and baby product care

Our child and baby products are the safest products for your child. They are kind to skin, gums and general health. We make every effort to ensure each baby product is made to an exceptional standard. Your baby product has not been finished with any substance. This is to maintain its natural properties but may result in marking over long periods of heavy use. This does not effect the function or safety of the products. If you would like to touch up some of the marks on your product then it simply requires a light sanding with a 240 grit abrasive paper, followed by a wipe with a damp cloth. For more information, please contact us

Fabric and leather product care

Our natural cotton products can be hand washed up to 40 degrees and should not be tumble dried. Natural leather products should be wiped clean with a hot damp cloth. 

Hardware Room

You can order replacement items and finishes for your product from the Hardware Room.