Fika Boards

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The Fika Board set is perfect for sharing moments with friends and family. A quick breakfast pastry, biscuits at brunch or an afternoon tea catch up. These simple yet satisfying boards have developed into a staple in our home. Our Fika Boards are hand crafted from one piece of oak, sturdy enough to stand up to hours of chit chat, gossip and storytelling. The set of 2 boards is carefully detailed with a securing mug trench, teaspoon stand and finger groove detail in each.

A truly thoughtful gift, inspired by enriching trips through Austria 

Measurements: 12" Long X 4 1/4" Wide X 1" Thick

Materials: Sustainably grown European oak, classic white royal bone china mugs and Pukka Vogue frosted stainless demitasse spoons.

Finish: A good lick of natural mineral oil