Parisian Baguette Board

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Around the world bread is savoured and adored. Our Parisian Baguette Board is the most used board in the house. A double handled serving platter and cutting surface that has been hand carved from one piece of oak. The fidelity and unspoiled craftsmanship that goes into every board means each one that leaves the shop has its own personality and vigour. Sold in several lengths to cater for all tastes and varying opulence.

Only to be enjoyed with friends and loved ones.

Inspired by Paris antics: Strolling the streets of Paris at dawn is a serene memory, The customary bustle replaced with an unbroken stillness and peace. However it was here that i stumbled upon a group of people aligned in a disbanded queue. Before i could say baguette i was doing it! I was enduring the local tradition of lining up in a good artisan 'boulangerie' early in the morning with the locals. I was participating in the daily life of the biggest city in France. The smell of fresh cooked bread, the sound of the crust cracking softly as the baguettes cool down, the pride of an artisan baker as he stacks the bread high and watches the customers‚¬â„¢ eyes light up. The whole thing is a delectable experience, i felt honoured to share the the moment and i got my hands on my own prized Paris baguette. I enjoyed 'tartines' over 'une noisette' and loved every minute of it. Bread is the symbol of France and our baguette boards are the perfect way to enjoy this age old favourite.


  • Small - 23" Long X 5" Wide X 1'"Thick
  • Medium - 28" Long X 5" Wide X 1" Thick
  • Large - 35" Long X 5" Wide X 1" Thick

Materials: Sustainably grown European oak

Finish: A good lick of natural mineral oil