Traveller's Journal

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Whilst on the road I find the density of experiences easily become indistinguishable. I make sure I cling on to those magical memories by keeping a journal when travelling. The hardwood construction makes the perfect pallet for writing and sketching all of your thoughts, sights and experiences. It's bound with a leather spine and detachable metal hinges so you can load your journal and store precious memories. This little A5 journal carries a beautiful look in its raw wood exterior and will make for a lifetime of adventure.

The art of drawing and writing are one of the oldest, most emotive and expressive forms of communication. 

Inspired by South Asian exploration 2019

Measurements: A5 - 4 1/2" Wide X 6 1/2" Tall X 1/2" Thick

Materials: Sustainably grown European oak, raw vegetable tanned split leather hide, hinged metal split ring binders and A5 250gsm smooth tooth paper refills

Finish: A couple of coats of Dorset beeswax