Trusty Cutting Block

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The noble workhorse of any kitchen. Made from inch thick oak, it's naturally durable and prepared by master craftsmen and will withstand years of cutting and chopping.

The wood from an oak tree has fantastic natural bactericidal and antibacterial hygroscopic properties and antimicrobial compounds. Harmful bacteria can not survive or multiply on the surface of wood. This is partially due to woods water binding properties. The highest decrease rate in harmful bacterial titre is from oak, followed by beech and ash. That why we choose oak for our boards as it the most hygienic prep surface. It's also fully biodegradable, renewable and it wont blunt your utensils.

Don't forget you can use both sides of your board!


  • Small - 9" Long X 5" Wide X 1" Thick
  • Medium - 13" Long X 8" Wide X 1" Thick
  • Large - 16" Long X 11" Wide X 1" Thick

Materials: Sustainably grown European oak

Finish: A good lick of mineral oil