Tuva Play Gym

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Our play gyms are designed around your babies needs as they experience their first few months of exploring the world. The play gym frame is thoughtfully hand crafted from solid oak to give unequivocal stability and reliability, as well as unmistakable natural beauty and colouration.

Teethers give babies soothing relieve to their sore gums as their teeth break through. Moreover, chomping down on a teether ensures counter pressure to the growing tooth. Each of our play and teether toys are securely fastened to the play gym frame and constructed from solid maple. This is the most beneficial material for your babies health, it's kind to their gums, durable and chemical free. 

Measurements: 21" Wide X 22" Tall X 10" Deep

Materials: Sustainably grown European oak and maple, flat cotton cord, 3 ply natural chunky cotton twine and natural felted wool

Finish: A good coat of natural Dorset beeswax on the frame